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The finest meat in the world

Cooked and served Japanese style


directly to your table


Sold a weight

An exclusive experience, designed for you to enjoy Wagyu Kuroge Washu.

Famous for its "marbling", which gives it a marbled appearance

and makes it unique in its juiciness, tenderness, flavor and aroma.

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Wagyu: the best of red meats


What is Wagyu

WAGYU literally means «BesJapanese thiame».

Almost all the various "brands" di  belong to the Wagyu Japanese Black breedbeef famous in Japan and abroad such as beefMatsusaka, the beef Kobe, the beefOmi, the beefTajimaor the beefMaezawa.

The names of each are often taken from the area where it is raised and only if comply with specific regulations.

For example, the meat named Tajima is a Wagyu Japanese Black che meets the following requirements:

• the "father" must be from the Hyogo region;

• must have been born in the Hyogo region;

• must be bred by members of a specific Hyogo association;

• must be slaughtered between 28 and 60 months and necessarily in specific slaughterhousesthere in Hyogo.

The highly prized Kobe beef is a beef that meets the requirements to be referred to as Tajima and which also:

• must either be castrated (male) or have never given birth (female);

• be raised by qualified and certified people;

• have a very high quality meat (according to precise standards);

• have a very high level marbling (according to precise standards);

• weigh a minimum of 230/260kg (female/male) and a maximum of 470kg.

TheWagyu selected by us is the "Japanese Black" cattle, called “Kuroge Washu”, bred in Kagoshima Prefecture. They are bred in small farms, few heads per structure and raised by farmers as if were members of their families.


The breeders follow a balanced feeding procedure to ensureRarely does each animal gain weight in accordance with age. The beastme is fed only natural foods, without hormones and antibiotics. Has a traceability from the origin to the end of the production process.

It is recognized worldwide as the best red meat, for a mix of factors:

• animal genetics

• power quality

• the particular care with which it is raised.

The result is a heavily marbled meat that melts in the mouth with un sweet and intense flavour. Rich in unsaturated fats that are not harmful to health.

A real masterpiece of gastronomic art!

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