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The Bella Vida Restaurant offers many cuts of meat, some truly unobtainable and all cooked exclusively for your barbecue in Genoa!

We propose below a selection of our proposals, which include Picanha Angus, Entrecote Angus, Scamone, Pork steak in Teryiaky sauce, Picanha with truffles, chicken with paprika, sausage, smoked cup, barbeque cup, finally, as an entree, the famous scamorza smoked with the scent of chives…


If you are looking for a meat restaurant in Genoa, you really can't find better, the best meat restaurant in Albaro, on Corso Italia in Genoa.

Fumé scamorza with the scent of chives


The smoked scamorza, with the scent of chives is certainly a much appreciated entrè, which serves to prepare the customer's palate and put him at ease.

Picanha Angus with coarse salt


The Angus Codone most appreciated by meat lovers, is always the most pleasant among the red cuts, perhaps due to its tender consistency, it melts in the mouth, and with a sword cooking it is easy to manage you can manage the cooking desired by the customer.

Roast beef with salt and oil


A red  cut in a precious position  between the loin and the thigh, a cut that with a good sword cooking represents one of the most important red cuts among our… cooking simple distinction oil just enough and salt.

Entrecotê Angus with pink salt


It is the DOCG cut of Bella Vida, grilled on the sword it is really tender, the selection is made by choosing only cuts that have been made perfectly perpendicular to the muscles of the animal in order to increase the tenderness of the meat ... with a natural seasoning salt and oil, it becomes the perfect cut.

Duck in orange jam


Duck with oranges is a very succulent cut of meat, a specialty with guaranteed results, in which the taste of the orange will dampen, sweetening the defined flavor of the duck breast. All this will give life to a truly perfect balance of flavours; house orange jam, duck breast, salt and oil are the perfect ingredients for the distinct flavors of this exceptional cut of meat.

Picanha with black truffle


The Beef Codone with black truffle flavor is certainly the FUSION cut of meat among the most appreciated by our customers, the aroma and flavor of the black truffle make it more buttery on the palate, a delight for those who love meat and truffles black; no contrast will serve your palate but only one direction will lead you to taste the intense flavor of the black truffle, you will no longer be able to do without it.

Rosemary sausage


Typical Italian cut that tastes like home, it's actually a rosemary-scented salamella. It is another type of taste that customers want to savor among those of Bella Vida.

Pork Tenderloin Steak in Teryiaky Sauce


Pork tenderloin, also called pork tenderloin or gentleman's cut, is a long, thin cut of pork. It is notoriously the most prized cut of meat obtained from the Italian national pig; it has a soft consistency, a delicate taste, a good nutritional profile and, compared to the other muscles of the animal, excellent digestibility. Bella Vida cooks it for a long time and flavor it with a sweet and sour sauce, the famous Teryiaky sauce, used for soft and tasty meats.

Rosemary crusted cup


Consolidated cut for pork lovers, tender and tasty, the unmistakable taste of the fiber; cooking takes place in a rosemary crust which completely covers the meat skewer.

Cup in BBQ sauce


Cut of pork served in pieces with the addition of vegetables and flavored with barbeque sauce, cooked naturally, excellent flavor in the mouth that moves perfectly with combined vegetables.

Sweet Paprika Chicken


Considered among the tastiest of Bella Vida, it is the piece of thigh and thigh of the chicken, it is a cut that makes your mouth water when you taste it on the palate, the secret is the margin of the cut, but even more secret is the exclusive Italian selection for the Bella Vida.

Caramelized hot pineapple


Caramelized pineapple flavored with cinnamon and sugar.

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